Tiger Kit

The kit is our below-cost, limited-time, community-building offer.This kit delivers the component elements of q3d and includes proprietary software enabling the conventional coding and 3D printing of original solid objects as well as solid objects extracted from online libraries (such as https://www.thingiverse.com/).

Teachable moments may arise from:
1. the printing arm’s extrusion, hinged on the interplay of Cartesian and polar coordinates;
2. the feedstock itself, which consists of an edible polymer, safe for children of all ages,
and does not require UV light to polymerize;
3. and all of q3d’s plastic components, which are made of polylactic acid, an
environmentally friendly and eco-compatible material made from local corn starch.

The kit’s free-shipping delivery is scheduled for June 2018. Book it now by providing your email
address, and we’ll contact you with specific instructions. The deadline of this limited-time offer is June 30.

Price: € 100.00